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Excellent product quality

Our paints and coatings undergo strict quality control to ensure that our products are of top quality, offer superior performance and durability, and meet our customers' high standards.

Broad product range

We offer a wide range of paint types, colors and coatings to suit a variety of application needs, allowing customers to select and customize the right product for their project's specific requirements.

Personalized solutions

We are willing to work with our customers to provide them with customized coating solutions to meet their unique needs and specifications. OEM&ODM

Competitive prices

We offer competitive prices, allowing customers to obtain superior products while saving costs.

prompt delivery

We manage inventory and logistics in an efficient manner, ensuring customers can quickly get the products they need to meet urgent project needs. Our supply chain management ensures customers have the coatings they need when they need them, avoiding production interruptions or delays.

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What Our Clients Say

30 years of paint and coating OEM experience, stable supply chain, ensuring on-time delivery

jinmi is a manufacturing company with its own production factory. Transactions are conducted directly between manufacturer and buyer, thus reducing product costs
John Kim
They oversee the manufacturing process from sourcing raw materials to final packaging of the product, employees pay precise attention to every detail and ensure that the product is what we claim it to be, which is "Premium Quality
Elton Don
jinmi's team of dedicated and innovative employees work day and night to achieve our goals and don't rest until they are satisfied with our performance and service. It's their willingness to go the extra mile that makes us stand out from the crowd.
Russel Drou

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Anticorrosive paint
Floor paint
Waterproof paint
Fire retardant paint
Architectural Coatings
Traffic paint