Indoor intumescent steel structure fire retardant coating


Indoor intumescent steel structure fire retardant coating -2.5

Product introduction:

Refractory materials: ammonium polyphosphate, melamine, pentaerythritol, chlorinated paraffin, refractory fiber, etc.; binder; acrylic emulsion, polyacetic acid emulsion; does not contain volatile harmful substances such as asbestos, formaldehyde, and benzene. Maggie’s indoor intumescent steel structure fire retardant coating-2.5 was tested in accordance with the GB14907-2002 “General Technical Conditions for Steel Structure Fire Retardant Coatings” standard. The physical and chemical properties are qualified, and the fire resistance limit can reach up to 2.5 hours.

Physical parameters :

Technical Specifications All tests (except drying time) are performed after 7 days of curing (25°C)
Pilot projectsunitindex
drying schedule dryh≤2
Bond strengthMPa≤0.20
Resistance to freeze-thaw cyclesSecond-rate≤15
water resistanceh No blistering or shedding for 24 hours
Fire resistance coating thickness 1.1mmh≥1.0
Coating thickness 1.8mmh≥1.5
Coating thickness 2.6mmh≥2.0
Coating thickness 5.0mmh≥2.5

Application areas:

It can be used for fire protection of various steel components, spherical grids and other load-bearing structures in construction projects.

Main features:

The coating has the advantages of strong adhesion, long durability, thin coating, high fire resistance limit, and easy construction. The coating expands rapidly when exposed to fire, and forms a sponge-like thick fire-proof and heat-insulating layer, which prevents the steel structure from bending and collapsing when exposed to fire, extending the fire-resistant time of the steel structure to achieve fire-proofing effects.

Construction method:

1. Before the construction of fire-retardant coatings, the dust, oil, debris, etc. on the surface of the steel structure parts should be cleaned and derusted, and an anti-rust primer should be applied to ensure that there is no chemical reaction with the fire-retardant coatings. After the anti-rust paint has dried, the fire-retardant paint can be applied.

2. Before use, stir thoroughly and evenly. If dilution is needed, use our company’s special diluent and dilute according to the specified ratio.

  • Construction method: This coating is suitable for spraying with an airless sprayer. Stir the coating evenly. The thickness of the first coating should not exceed 2mm. After the coating is dry, apply the second coating. The coating thickness can be increased appropriately. Until the thickness of the layer reaches the thickness corresponding to the fire-resistant time, once for 1h, twice for 1.5h, twice for 2h, and twice for 2.5h; when you feel the paint thickens during construction, you can add an appropriate amount of water to dilute it (it should not be too high) 5% of the total amount of paint), it is prohibited to add more to avoid affecting the adhesion and fire resistance of the paint;

Packaging and storage:

Pack and store in accordance with national regulations. The storage environment should be dry, cool, well ventilated, avoid high temperatures, and keep away from fire sources. Packaging containers must be kept tightly closed. The effective storage period is 6 months.

Packing specifications: 25kg/group


During the construction process and before the coating is dried and solidified, the ambient temperature should be maintained at 5-45°C, the relative humidity should not be greater than 85%, and the air should be circulated. Construction should not be carried out when there is condensation on the surface of the component. During the construction process, the thickness of the coating should be measured at any time according to the fire resistance limit. The paint should be used up within the same day after opening. If it is not used cleanly, it must be sealed and stored intact.

Paint film performance:

serial numberTest itemsstandard requirementtest resultSingle conclusion
1Appearance of paint filmThe appearance of the coating film is normalconform toqualified
2status in containerAfter stirring, there will be no lumps and a uniform state.conform toqualified
3Surface drying time, h ≦1212qualified
4Fire resistance coating thickness 5.0 mm ≧2.52.5qualified
5adhesion  ≥22qualified

Health and Safety:

Please pay attention to the warning labels on the packaging containers. Use in a well-ventilated environment. Do not inhale paint mist and avoid skin contact. If paint is spilled on skin, wash away immediately with suitable detergent, soap and water. If it splashes into your eyes, rinse them thoroughly with water and seek medical treatment immediately.


The information provided in this product data sheet is based solely on our knowledge gained in the laboratory and in practice. However, since the use of products is usually beyond our control, we only guarantee the quality of the product itself. We reserve the right to modify this manual without prior notice.