The company insists on focusing on the field of paints and coatings, focusing on brand building, focusing on product research and development, strengthening talent training, ensuring product quality, controlling stable production, reducing overall costs, laying out sales networks, improving after-sales services, valuing customer experience, focusing on technical services, and providing construction training , consolidate the company’s performance, focus on product categories, and have obvious competitive advantages over its peers.

01 Brand advantage

The company is a national high-tech enterprise. The founder of the company has been engaged in the steel structure/industrial anti-corrosion/floor/construction/road marking coating industry for more than 17 years. Since its establishment, the company has undertaken many large-scale steel structures/industrial anti-corrosion/floor/construction projects. /Road marking paint project, serving a large number of customers and achieving excellent business performance. The Maggie brand has been widely recognized by steel structure/industrial anti-corrosion/floor/construction/road marking paint project customers, cultivating the company's brand and establishing Establish a good brand image and form a strong brand advantage.

02 R&D advantages

The company has established a long-term industry-university-research cooperation with the coating laboratory of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, and hired professors from Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology as the company's senior consultants to guide R&D and production. The company has established a joint postgraduate training base with Shenyang University of Technology and Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, built an expert workstation with the expert team of Professor Liao Youwei of Central South Forestry University, and established an advanced coating R&D innovation center relying on the Northeast Paint Base, focusing on product research and development and application technology. and construction technology, has applied for a large number of patents, and has certain R&D advantages.

03 Talent advantage

The company is led by professors/doctorates and is composed of professionals of different gradients and levels in R&D, production, sales, service, finance, procurement, safety, etc. The company constantly introduces young and professional high-level talents to enrich the team, which has significant Talent advantage.

04 Scale advantage

The company has 200 acres of land in its Liaoning base, with an annual coating production capacity of 200,000 tons and more than 100 production lines. In addition to being self-sufficient, it has also signed ODM and OEM agreements with a large number of industry companies with an annual output of more than 5,000 tons, with capabilities far exceeding Domestic coatings companies have significant scale advantages.

05 Advantages of stable production

The company is located in an industrial park, which can ensure the stability of the production process. The quality management system of the production process complies with the GB/T 19001 standard. The automated intelligent mode strongly guarantees the quality of the products produced. All orders are carried out according to the plan, ensuring the stability of production. sex.

06 Product Quality Advantages

We have very strict control over the incoming raw materials, the production process, and the delivery of finished products. The quality of our products has been widely recognized by all types of customers. The return rate of old customers is extremely high. The third-party testing results are excellent. On-site complaints are almost zero. Has product quality advantages.

07 Cost advantage

The company has improved the efficiency of all employees through continuous innovative research and development, large-scale and stable production, and continuous employee training. It focuses on the fields of steel structure/industrial anti-corrosion/floor/construction/road markings, and has established strategic partnerships with major raw material suppliers. Adopting large-scale centralized procurement to reduce costs, tight and orderly control of the production process to ensure that the first-time pass rate of products reaches nearly 100%, and striving to have no construction site complaints to control management costs, it has significant cost advantages.

08 After-sales service advantages

The company has 36 service centers around the world. After product sales, production, customer service, and finance respond quickly and actively cooperate to assist sales staff in meeting customer needs in a timely and effective manner. Through timely delivery, timely customer notification, timely logistics tracking, and active return visits, Service methods such as timely handling of problems have been strongly recognized by customers, and we have established a healthy and close long-term cooperative relationship with customers, which reflects the excellent after-sales service advantages.

09 Technical service advantages

The company's professional technical service team provides tailor-made construction plans according to customer needs, provides professional construction technology training to construction units, repeatedly communicates with construction parties on important aspects of the construction process in the early, middle and late stages of construction, provides professional construction guidance, and helps The construction party completed the project on time and with high quality, and at the same time formed long-term and stable cooperation with nearly a hundred construction units, reflecting the advantages of advanced technical services.

10 Qualification advantage

The company has a hazardous chemicals business license, a safety production license, a drinking water sanitation license, and a traffic marking product certificate certified by the Academy of Transportation Sciences. It also has various material supply qualifications for the construction industry, anti-corrosion, fireproofing and waterproofing, and is significantly better than its peers. Qualification advantages.

11 Product category advantages

The company has always focused on the fields of steel structure/industrial anti-corrosion/floor/construction/road marking. Its main products include zinc-rich primer, cold-coated zinc paint, epoxy resin paint, silicone high-temperature resistant paint, asphalt paint, and electrostatic conductive anti-corrosion paint. Paint, glass flake anticorrosive paint, polyurethane paint, fluorocarbon paint, chlorinated rubber paint, fire retardant paint, water-based industrial paint, inorganic mineral paint, wood wax oil and other special anti-corrosion fire-proof and environmentally friendly paints, which can meet the needs of most steel structures With the diversified on-site requirements for anti-corrosion and fire protection in concrete projects, it has product category competitive advantages unmatched by other competitors and provides one-stop solutions for all categories of coatings.